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Heighten your senses on site

Use networked sensors with embedded AI algorithms to detect, locate and analyse environmental impacts including noise, air quality and vibration.

Accurate actionable information

Reduce risk to site and surrounding infrastructure with geotechnical and structural monitoring, allowing you to take action before problems arise.

Prioritising worker safety

Monitor hazards such as respirable silicain real time. Track compliance of your works equipment and safety equipment, and remotely monitor lone workers.

Manage community relationships

Inform stakeholders through web and mobile apps. Choose what to share about upcoming works and notify ahead of potentially disruptive activities.

Anticipate and mitigate risks

Optimise site operations by tracking equipment usage time, headcount per zone, equipment maintenance schedules and more.

Traceability of worksite spoils

Streamline and guarantee the traceability of worksite spoils from the place of excavation to the final destination.

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