UBY Productivity
Worksite optimisation

Optimise your costs, secure your planning and reduce risks.

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Benefits for your projects

Get operational indicators on your equipment fleet to optimise its use, maintenance and profitability.

Receive alerts and reminders for optimised management of your equipment.

Anticipate material and human resource requirements. Plan and monitor allocations and use.

Various applications

Equipment stock management

A digital inventory of your entire stock of equipment

  • Use the Cloud to access relevant information for all your equipment at any time;
  • Optimise costs with information on the utilisation rate of each piece of equipment;
  • Geolocate each tool or piece of equipment within an operation or territory
  • Compliance

    Get all the relevant information on your equipment fleet, updated in real time
  • Consult the history of regulatory inspections and maintenance operations;
  • Receive alerts when the deadline is approaching or when a new inspection date is due;
  • Improving processes

    Extract actionable time-method indicators for continous improvement

    • Analyse the production rate of each piece of equipment;
    • Identify friction points and bottlenecks in site logistics;
    • Visualise the status and activity of each machine (in motion, direction of travel, etc.).


    Geolocate each piece of equipment on your operation
  • Quickly find the equipment in your operation;
  • Allocate resources;
  • Define alert scenarios;
  • Use analysis and reporting tools;
  • The UBY Productivity platform

    Geolocate all your equipment in real time

    View the real-time location of your equipment on a dashboard;

    Key performance and productivity indicators are calculated automatically;

    You have access to detailed reports that make it easy to manage the equipment and associated investments;

    You can drive a leaner operation and be quicker and more efficient in your decision-making.

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