UBY Soil
Traceability of worksite

Streamline and guarantee the traceability of worksite spoils from the place of excavation to the final destination.

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Benefits for your projects

Instant access to a precise history of the route taken by your waste and spoil

All data is securely stored in the cloud

Save time in administrative processes and ensure compliance with environmental regulations

Une multitude d'applications

Creation of the tracking form

Create your waste tracking slips in just a few clicks
  • Reduce data entry errors;
  • Reduce the risk of data loss with cloud backup;
  • Official submission

    Automatically upload your forms to the government platforms
  • Guarantee your compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Keep all follow-up documents in case of a dispute or inspection;
  • Your waste-tracking slips can be automatically uploaded to the governing authority in charge of collecting this data.
  • Time-line

    Save all movements of waste and excavated material from the operation to the outlet
  • Monitor lorry movements
  • Calculate the volumes of excavated material transported or stored in intermediate spaces
  • Use carbon footprint indicators linked to the transport of excavated material
  • Location

    Make sure the spoil is unloaded at the right place
    • Geolocation sensors combined with skip lift detectors ensure that the skip has been unloaded at the right outlet.
    • Track lorry journeys and deduce the carbon footprint of transport

    The UBY Soil platform

    Ensure full traceability of your worksite spoils

    Main features

    Manage the lifecycle of your excavated material efficiently with the UBY Soil application with digitisation of the waste tracking form and real-time visualisation of transport.

    Cutting-edge monitoring technologies

    The UBY Soil solution is based on a cloud platform on which all waste tracking slips are created and stored. It can be enhanced with functions such as proximity detection between the excavator and the skip, connection with a communicating axle scale or geolocation and skip lift detection.

    So every cubic metre of excavated material is tracked from the mesh to the outlet, and all  documents are saved and archived to ensure that the excavated material and waste from your operation are transported correctly.

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