UBY Asset
Asset management

A simple and flexible cloud solution for infrastructure fleet managers to optimize their planning, improve the control and interventions of the structures they oversee.

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Benefits for your projects

Sustain knowledge about the works through controlled data management

Keep asset data up-to-date and monitor asset evolution

Anticipate interventions, optimise your expenses, and reduce processing time.

Manage your built infrastructure assets


Anticipate interventions, optimise your expenses, and reduce processing time

Providing detailed and up-to-date monitoring of your assets’ health confirms our product is a genuine management tool for the implementation of multi-year investment plans. Incorporated into construction projects, our management tools allow you to rationalise inspections and maintenance, as well as optimise your maintenance schedule.


Simplify and make your data processing and exports more reliable for your reports and summaries

Inspections are carried out directly within the system—identified disorders and defects are tracked and trigger maintenance requests, including budget and schedule considerations. Recurring interventions are configured and integrated into the general compliance programme.


Manage structural risks throughout operations

Our product therefore encompasses an array of regulations and monitoring methodologies to ensure compliance with asset management requirements.

The UBY Asset platform

The «health record» stored in the cloud is your one-stop-shop for planning and managing your infrastructure

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