Real time Respirable
Crystalline Silica

The only patented individual portable sensor designed to alert in real time when detecting Respirable Crystalline Silica for better protecting employees

Benefits for field workers​

Receive real-time alerts when detecting Respirable Crystalline Silica in ambient air.

Raise awareness for better prevention and protection against health & safety risks.

React faster in case RCS is detected. Ensure PPE is worn and mitigation measures are in place.

uDust - personal portable sensor


10 hour battery life

Real-time analysis

All respirable dusts, including Crystalline Silica

over 3G/4G and WiFi

1 year Warranty
From date of shipment

Unique, patented identification technology

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Identify crystalline silica for better protection

Our individual portable sensor based on an optical analysis and an artificial intelligence algorithm can measure and identify the presence of crystalline silica in real time to assess the exposure of your employees.

Measure respirable dust and Crystalline Silica with uDust

Co-developed with Ellona, our uDust portable smart sensor delivers real-time identification of airborne dust particles and RCS concentrations to which your
workers are exposed.
Placed close to airways, and using spectrophotometry to study fine particles, it can assess levels by worker, activity, and area.
Our individual portable smart sensors send ground data instantly to our online platform.
Report generation is continuous and automated – supplementing or replacing traditional sampling methods.
You receive alerts in real time if workers experience prolonged exposure or there is a possibility of exceeding proscribed limits.

What is the current UK legislation

PM10: 40µg/m3 average in a year

PM2.5: 20µg/m3 average in a year

RCS: 100µg/m3 or 0.1mg/m3 average over an 8-hour occupational exposure

Expected measurements

  • Individual exposures on each shift
  • Exposures of all employees for each job classification
  • Individual exposures in each work area

When deploying our solution on your operation, a preliminary calibration of our sensors is necessary, depending on the type of activity, materials and methods used.

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