UBY Structure
and Monitoring

Benefits for your projects

Your data is secured, you can manage all calculations and analyses

Simplify geotechnical and structural data collection and visualisation 

Receive instant alerts to help you take action in case of an unexpected impact

Mesurer les comportements


Monitor any movement on your operation and neighbouring structures
  • Robotic Motorised Total Stations (RMTS – Theodolites & prisms)
  • Continuous measuring and computing of movements
  • Vibration

    Monitor vibrations in real time
  • Frequency spectrum analysis
  • 3-axis analysis
  • Powered by battery or solar panels
  • External memory (SD card)
  • Tilt

    Be warned of unexpected tilting
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Chained inclinometers
  • Tilt-meters
  • Cracking

    Monitor the occurrence or development of cracks
  • Precise monitoring to anticipate irreversible damage
  • Alerts sent as soon as thresholds defined by the operation are reached
  • Settling

    Check the behaviour of a structure, soil and/or base soil
  • Strain gauges
  • Vibrating wire sensors
  • Extensometers
  • The UBY Structure platform

    A control tower to ensure the durability of your worksites

    The application gives you a real-time overview of structural movements on your sites. It allows you to monitor the overall construction environment of a structure at a single control point, using a range of measurements:

    Rail: track geometry and platform integrity;

    Existing buildings: tilting, differential settlement, cracking and vibration;

    Geotechnics: soil behaviour and water pressure;

    Walls and retaining elements: tilting and settling and stresses in struts and tie rods.

    Main features

    Integration and visualisation of geotechnical and structural data on a single platform ;

    Real-time data for efficient construction management;

    Structural behaviour monitoring and adapted graphic representation;

    Integration of calculated behaviour and comparison with observed behaviour;

    Secure messaging alert system;

    Automatic and customised reports;

    Real-time display of sensor status (connection, power supply, etc.)

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