UBY Safe
monitoring for worker
health and safety

Track the position of employees in real time for instantaneous counting by zone and avoid dangerous situations

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Benefits for your projects

Instantly locate all staff by zone on the operation

Avoid safety breaches on your worksite

Receive alerts in case of dangerous situations

A variety of applications

Counting staff

Receive an instant count of staff on every zone on your operation
  • Count per category of employees (management, operations…)
  • Count per trade
  • Count per zone, time slot…
  • Filling rate

    Guarantee worker security with instant filling rate for each zone
  • Ensure compliance with security guidelines;
  • Be alerted in case specific zone density is exceeded;
  • Steer search and rescue operations in case of an incident;
  • Loca­tion of workers

    Real time information on worker location on your operation
  • Follow movements, entries into specific zones, exits from zones.
  • Optimise distribution of teams and equipment.
  • Intrusion alarm

    Be alerted if unauthorised persons enter a certain area
  • Set access rights;
  • Define alert scenarios
  • Receive analyses and custom reports
  • The UBY Safe platform

    Track indicators and alerts on a single platform

    Get real-time information about:

    Position of all workers on the entire site (per landing, per zone)

    Staff counting per zone and per sub-contractor

    Intrusion alerts in restricted access zones

    The filling rate or refuges (especially for tunnel boring)

    Automatic and customised reports;

    Real-time display of sensor status (connection, power supply, etc.)

    Main features

    Our on-site geolocation solutions provide data indoors and outdoors so you can :

    Get a precise and instant count of staff in case of an evacuation

    Set access controls for sensitive areas

    Locate isolated workers

    Receive an alert when zone staff density is exceeded

    Des technologies de géolocalisation à la pointe

    La solution UBY Safe repose sur les technologies Wirepas Mesh et/ou Bluetooth LE de détection de proximité qui fonctionnent à l’extérieur comme à l’intérieur.

    Des zones sont définies sur le chantier grâce à des ancres ou des portails (gateways). Chaque collaborateur est équipé d’un capteur mobile (tag) qui émet un signal à intervalle régulier. Il est reconnu comme étant positionné à proximité d’un capteur fixe qui communique à la plateforme l’identifiant du tag pour en déduire sa position.

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