engagement application

A versatile, interactive tool for smoother interactions with neighbours to help with your community engagement

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Benefits for your project

Improve your image and approval from neighbours

Reduce complaints, the risk for fines and operation closures

Adopt a different approach to neighbour relations

Better communication with neighbours


Provide basic information about your operation

Provide information about the project team, the operation’s stakeholders and aims

Publish news, milestones reached and outreach programmes

Give notice

The upcoming events calendar helps neighbours better organize

Provide a 10-day forecast of future noise disturbances

Send alerts by mail or through the app in case of unexpected events


Take into account neighbour feedback

Neighbours can provide feedback about perceived nuisance

Neighbour reports are immediately processed and compared to sensor data

The UBY Com platform

Streamline neighbour relations

Be proactive in managing disturbances and reduce friction with neighbours;

Optional sensors (see UBY Environment) provide objective data and a baseline for discussion between parties;

Speed up the investigation and response loop when complaints are filed thus reducing frustration for neighbours. Focus on your operation rather than on managing neighbours’ complaints.

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