Noise, Vibration and Air Quality Monitoring


Phase 3 of the Hallsville Quarter development programme in Canning Town “provides 620 new homes across eight buildings arranged around shared podium garden courtyards above street level. A new health centre is to be built and there will be over 8,500m² of commercial space which includes retail and leisure units.“

The project will last 24 months


First phases of the project have been delivered and residents have moved in while this subsequent phase of construction is ongoing. The challenge is to know which work zone is responsible for exceeding the threshold.

Need: Vibration Monitoring.

Need: Sound Level, Location and Identification.

Need: Air Quality monitoring.

Our solutions

We installed our noise identification sensor, a class 1 certified sound monitor, a vibration sensor and an air quality sensor.

Alerts are sent the the Assistant Site Manager in case thresholds are exceeded – notification contain noise identification and location from Com’in sensors.

This operation has been submitted as a best practice on the Considerate Constructors Scheme website.

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