Monitoring noise levels and implementing a digital neighbour information tool


The construction of the Grand Paris Express ring metro is one of the largest operations of public works in Europe with the boring of 200km of tunnels and construction of 68 stations in the greater Paris region. Most construction sites are located in densely populated areas and can be a source of severe disturbance for neighbours..


In order to appease relations between local populations and worksites nearby, the Société du Grand Paris, the contracting authority for this project purchased a digital tool for neighbours to have more transparency about what goes on within the worksite hoardings. This tool also provides information about upcoming disturbances for them to plan accordingly.

Need: monitor noise levels.

Need: display real-time information about a worksite and advance notice for potentially disturbing operations

UBY solutions

Tri-dimensional sound sensors (called Méduse sensors because of their shape similar to a jelly-fish) have been installed on 31 worksites as of August 2021 and connected to the NuisAlgo platform, recording noise levels and locating its precise origin.

The Contracting Authority enters in NuisAlgo the expected sound levels for the 10 upcoming days according to the operations scheduled on the worksite.

A site-specific Worksite Forecast widget displays the recorded sound level in real time and neighbours can see where the noise comes from on the images recorded by the embedded camera. The widget also displays the noise forecast for the next 10 days.

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