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Smart environmental

Comply with environmental regulations, improve how your operation is perceived and secure budget and deadlines

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Benefits for your projects

Reduce neighbour complaints and reports

Comply with environmental regulation and contract requirements

Be proactive with your CSR engagements

Measure all impacts


Measure and identify sources of disturbance on any operation.

Class 1 and 2 noise meters

Multi-directional microphones

360° visual identification on your operation (acoustic camera)


Monitor vibrations in real time

Frequency spectrum analysis

3-axis analysis

Battery or solar panel powered

External memory (SD card)

Air quality

Detect airborne pollutants and nuisances

Gases (CO, CO2, CH4, H2S, NO2…)

Particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 et PM10)

Odours (Odour distance units)

Weather station (temperature, precipitations, wind force and direction)

Water quality

Monitor surface and ground water near your operation



Turbidity and suspended matter

pH, conductivity et oxygen saturation

Traffic and mobility

Receive alerts in case of impacts on vehicle traffic and safety

Detection of dirt and gravel on roads

Traffic congestion

Counting of vehicles


Remotely supervise your operation’s consumption



Electric power

Heat network

The UBY Environment platform

Receive alerts et analyse for better decision-making

The UBY sensors deployed on your project collect data that is centralised and analysed in real time on our cloud platform. UBY Environment alerts you and lets you view all the indicators from the field. It acts as a powerful operational decision-making tool.

Alert system
  • Configure regulatory thresholds or thresholds specific to your operation.
  • Receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded.
  • Customise alerts according to your operational role.
  • Choose to be notified by e-mail and/or SMS.
  • Receive automated reports at the frequency of your choice.
  • Simplified viewing of historical data on the environmental impact of your operation.
  • Manage information access rights and levels according to your operational role.

How UBY Environment works

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