Com’in acquires Météo des Chantiers – Worksite news application

Com’in has finalised the acquisition of Météo des Chantiers, a Worksite News application developed in collaboration with the Société du Grand Paris. By making information about a worksite easily available for neighbours, Météo des Chantiers improves how local residents perceive an operation in the vicinity.

This acquisition marks an important step in the development of Com’in’s global disturbance management offer by adding to it neighbour information.

Météo des Chantiers Worksite News is now available within the Com’in mobile app or through a widget that a contracting authority may publish on their website. Neighbouring residents can view the schedule for upcoming operations and have a forecast of noise disturbances for the upcoming fortnight. They can also subscribe to a notification service in case unexpected events occur on the site near them.

More details on our LinkedIn page (press release in French)