Introducing Maxime, Business Developer at UBY

What is your background?

My background is rather atypical compared to that of my colleagues at UBY.

After 4 years at university studying history, I decided to go into tourism, a sector that appealed to me and in which there are more opportunities than in history.

I continued my training to become a travel designer. I was thriving in a small travel agency and developing real skills in sales negotiation, while at the same time having the chance to wander around an amazingly diverse area: Southern Africa.

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid crisis, I realized that everything could end overnight… So I decided to reinvent myself! I joined the IAE Poitiers business school to follow a one-year continuing education course and obtain a master’s degree in business. The subjects I studied – sales, accounting, finance and marketing – really resonated with me, and I realized that I’d finally found my calling. As part of my end-of-studies internship, I joined “My Living Bloom”, a Bouygues Group start-up offering digital landscaping solutions for private individuals. That’s how I discovered the world of construction and digitalization.

A few months later, UBY was expanding rapidly and I was lucky enough to be offered a position as Sales-Business Developer. I seized the opportunity and threw myself into this new challenge!

When did you join UBY? What were your drivers?

I didn’t take long to make up my mind when I was asked to join the UBY team.

Digitalization of Construction is a thriving business, and I was attracted by the solutions developed by UBY. UBY Environment was particularly appealing to me as a solution people can relate to, even without being familiar with the construction business. Smart sensors and a digital platform that can help construction sites better manage disturbances and reduce their impact on neighbouring communities seem to be an easy sell!

After losing my job during Covid, I had a real need for security. Today, I’m proud to work for a subsidiary of a major group like Bouygues. I get to work on exciting projects and can put my extensive B-to-B experience to good use.

What does a Business Developer do at UBY? Can you tell us about your job description? What do you especially like in your job?

The sales approach is more or less the same, whether you’re selling a safari in Botswana to a tour operator or digital solutions to the construction industry. My priority is always customer satisfaction.

The Business Developer “represents” UBY solutions. He accompanies and advises customers on their monitoring projects.

I’m the main point of contact for customers, whether it’s for price negotiations or changes to the technical offering, and this is one aspect of my job that I particularly enjoy.

My contacts at UBY are varied. I’m in daily contact with the pricing team, the operations team, the technical team and the marketing team.

On the customer side, depending on the size of the project and the company, I deal with the construction teams as well as the business developers, not forgetting the HSE teams.

Is there one aspect of your job you particularly like? What have the challenges been? Can you tell me about a project you are particularly proud of?

I like the versatility of my job, which allows me to divide my time between the office and the field.

My first steps at UBY weren’t easy; I had to be persistent to familiarize myself with the products we develop and sell and understand the world of construction.

Fortunately, I was able to count on the support of my colleagues, who helped me develop my skills.

I really feel at home at UBY. I like the atmosphere in the building trade, it’s a straightforward, direct world, and relationships are healthy. We’re still a small company (although we’re growing fast) with a young average age, which suits me perfectly!

One of the projects I’m most proud of is the APHP project (the public body in charge of hospitals in the Paris region). It was a major demolition project for which I convinced several companies to purchase our UBY Environment solution to monitor noise, vibration and dust during the works. I really fought for this project, contacted the agency directly and won the contract. I started with a blank sheet of paper and put everything together with my client. In fact, we regularly sign supplementary agreements which is particularly gratifying as it is direct proof of their satisfaction with my work and our solutions.

How do you see the future at UBY ?

I have much more to learn , especially about more technical solutions and I am aware this will not happen overnight.

My ultimate goal is to sell all digital solutions developed by UBY and increase my sales even more!

UBY is growing and constantly looking for new talents. Please look at the jobs section of our LinkedIn Page to look at current openings